Working & Family Giant Schnauzers

Welcome to "Riesenschnauzer vom Haus Lavon".  Due to major changes in my life, I decided to change the name from "Ferenginar's Riesenschnauzer" to "Riesenschnauzer vom Haus Lavon".  

Please take a stroll through the site.  It shows the wonderful world of the Giant Schnauzer as a family and working dog.

My B-Litter was born on May 2016 to Ana.  

My love for Giant Schnauzers started in Germany at age 12, when I was walking the Giant Schnauzers of friends of the family.  I never had a dog of my own and was amazed how wonderful this breed is.

When my parents bought their first house, our first Giant Schnauzer, Karla vom Heimeshof, moved in.  Karla was hit by a drunk driver less than a year later.  A few weeks after Karla's death, Molly vom Heimeshof joined the family. We found out quickly that once you had a Giant Schnauzer, there really is no living without one anymore.  Molly suffered from separation anxiety and we added Maxi, our first Giant Schnauzer with natural ears, to the mix.  The girls were inseparable for the next 11 year.

In 2005, my first very own Giant Schnauzer moved into my home and heart: Ferenginar vom Hedberg, called Worf.  Worf was my 'one in a million' dog.  I never had a male before and the level of love that a male Giant Schnauzer has for his female handler has no comparison.  

I knew I wanted to breed at some point.  It took us (Worf's wonderful breeder Juditha Wolters and me) 3 years to find the perfect match to Worf and so Jadzia Judy vom Hedberg also emigrated to the US.  After a rocky start, those two quickly and deeply fell in love with each other.

Riesenschnauzer vom Haus Lavon